Windshield Replacement Safety

Auto Glass Insurance ArizonaHow to Keep Your Family Safe

– Use a car windshield replacement shop that is insured, certified, and skilled

– Use a windshield repair shop that makes use of automotive grade fast curing urethane

– Use a auto repair shop that is careful and is knowledgeable about the dangers of contamination

– Use a repair shop that has knowledge on the handling glass and the preparation of cars pinch weld


Windshield Replacement Installation

Receiving proper car windshield replacement can only be achieved with a skilled repair shop. One shop that is a certified member of the NGA (National Glass Association) is Windshields of Arizona. This shop has been certified and insured for replacing and repairing automobile windshields. Here, all technicians are professionally trained and care for your safety. When the work is completed, the windshield installer at Windshields of Arizona will go through the installation instructions that include auto glass care, warranties, and safe drive away times.


Fast Curing Urethane for Windshield

One of the most crucial factors in car windshield replacement safety is the automotive urethane used. This urethane is what sticks the windshield of the automobile to the pinch weld. If this bond is weak or ineffective, it could loosen up the windshield making it a safety hazard. Most automotive urethane’s have a considerable amount of long safe drive away times, which means that after the installation of the windshield, it cannot be driven for a couple of days until the bond has properly dried. Windshields of Arizona only makes use of the best urethane’s that are reliable, safe, and have been tested to surpass safety standards. The shop utilizes only quick drying automotive urethane’s so that safe drive away time is reduced to about an hour instead of several days.


Nitrile Gloves That Are Powder Free

It is an industry standard for technicians to use nitrile gloves, as this is a vital piece of equipment to ensure that the car windshield bond is clear of any contamination. All the technicians at Windshields of Arizona are required to use these gloves when automobile windshields are being installed. This way the glass seal will be clear from any oils that can cause the separation of the adhesive. More importantly all the shop’s technicians all know about this rule and are trained on the significance of bond adhesion.


Windshield Pinch weld Free of Rust

With car windshield replacement, it is also important to make sure that any scratches and rust found on the car’s pinch weld is taken out and treated. This is because scratches that aren’t treated will transform into rust on the pinch weld, which will cause damage to the urethane seal. Damage like this can result in an ineffective windshield adhesion. This means that in the event of an impact, the adhesion will fail putting lives in harm’s way. The technicians of Windshields of Arizona are highly skilled in proper adhesive and primers to ensure that the pinch weld is kept free from rust.