USAA “Approved” Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repair

USAA insurance auto glass claimsWindshields of Arizona is a “Phoenix USAA Approved Auto Glass Program Participant” so all work is guaranteed and backed by USAA insurance nationwide. In addition, Windshields of Arizona honors USAA’s contract pricing so that there will never be any additional out-of-pocket costs to you.

  • Easy Arizona Auto Glass Claim Processing

  • No Increase in USAA Premiums

  • No Insurance Up-Charging

  • Written Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

  • No Additional Out-of-Pocket Costs


PLUS…….Receive $50 FAST CASH  with any USAA zero deductible Windshield Replacement Insurance Claim

USAA insurance now requires the policyholder to be on the line to file a Arizona auto glass or windshield claim. Windshields of Arizona will conference you directly with USAA and will help you file this claim. USAA will need to ask a series of questions to process your claim. Once the claim is filed, USAA will be able to verify coverage and give Windshields of Arizona authorization to perform the work. Below is a list of the questions that will be asked by the USAA Claims Representative during the Arizona auto glass claim process. Typically, these conference calls can be completed in less than 15 minutes.


Here is a list of questions that the USAA will ask when reporting an Arizona auto glass or windshield claim:

USAA Representative-I am sorry to hear about your auto glass damage

I want to thank you for being a USAA member and I will be happy to help you file your claim today

Your call is being answered and recorded for quality purposes

Start your USAA Online Claim Now

Start your USAA Online Claim Now

Have you previously reported this claim?

Has anyone started the work?

What is your policy number or primary member number?

First Name/ Last Name

What is a phone number where you can be reached?

Is there another number you can be reached?

What is an email address that we can send confirmation of your cl;aim?

What date did the damage occur?

What is the year, make, and model of your vehicle?

What state did the damage occur?

How did the damage occur?

Can you please verify your address on your policy?

Is the break on your windshield smaller then the size of a dollar bill?

USAA representative confirms coverage and verifies chosen shop

Windshields of Arizona is a Phoenix approved USAA shop and we will stand behind there warranty

Thank you for calling the USAA glass program and I hope you have a great day

USAA gives Windshields of Arizona the referral number in which they use to bill USAA directly for the work performed

Is there anything else that I can help either one of you with?


 About USAA Auto Insurance

USAA car insurance got its start in 1922. Its formation was the result of twenty-five Army officers being denied car insurance. They decided to open their own insurance company, and thus, United Services Automobile Association was born. It is now headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and boasts 6.4 million members with 11.7 million insurance policies written to date.

USAA offers a plethora of car insurance products to members of the military, veterans of the U.S. armed services, and eligible members of their families. Insurance through USAA is not available to civilians that lack a connection to the military in some way.

In most states, USAA members can buy popular types of coverage like comprehensive, collision, liability, uninsured/underinsured motorists’ coverage, personal injury protection (PIP), general auto protection (GAP) insurance, and more.

In addition, active military members can save even more with discounts that are available just for them. For example, if your car is garaged on a military base, then military members can take a 15% deduction on the cost of comprehensive coverage. There are also discounts available for parents of good student drivers listed on their policies; if a child maintains a “B” average in his or her high school or college classes, USAA insurance will reward you with a discount. USAA also offers discounts for safe driving and for having a good driving record, as well as savings for drivers who have passed a defensive driving course.

Getting started with USAA insurance is a fairly simple matter. The company offers a secure website where you can apply for coverage online from the comfort of your home or office. Within just minutes, eligible drivers can drive home a pocketful of savings while insuring their vehicles with a company that has been trusted and recommended by other military members for generations.