Progressive “Approved” Auto Glass Replacement Claims

Progressive auto glass insuranceWindshields of Arizona is a Phoenix  “Progressive Approved Auto Glass Replacement Program Participant” so all work is guaranteed and backed by Progressive insurance nationwide. In addition, Windshields of Arizona honors Progressive’s contract pricing so that there will never be any additional out-of-pocket costs to you.

Additionally, If you carry full glass coverage Windshields of Arizona will give you $50 CASH at the time of service!

Progressive insurance now requires the policyholder to be on the line to file an auto glass repair or windshield replacement claim. Windshields of Arizona will conference you directly with Progressive and will help you file this claim. Progressive will need to ask a series of questions to process your claim. Once the claim is filed, Progressive will be able to verify coverage and give Windshields of Arizona authorization to perform the work. Below is a list of the questions that will be asked by the Progressive Claims Representative during the auto glass claim process. Typically, these conference calls can be completed in less than 15 minutes.


 Here is a list of questions/comments that the Progressive claim representative will ask while opening a new auto glass or windshield replacement claim:


  • This call is being recorded for monitoring purposes
  • What was the day and month that this damage happened?
  • What is your Progressive policy number?
  • I am going to have to ask you a few personal questions to verify your identity; would it be okay to do that on this line with Windshields of Arizona?
  • What is your full address including city and zip code? (This is the address listed on your policy not the address you want the work done in.
  • What is your date of birth?
  • What was the cause of damage to your auto glass or windshield?

    Start your Online Progressive Claim Now

    Start your Online Progressive Claim Now

  • Can I get your email address to send you a confirmation of your glass claim?
  • Progressive representative-I would like to give you your claim number for your record
  • Progressive-Please give me a moment to take a quick look over your coverage & deductible information
  • Progressive-Thank you for being a “Emerald” member we sure appreciate your business
  • It looks like you have a full glass coverage on your policy so there will be no out of pocket expenses for you (If you have zero deductible glass coverage)
  • Since you have already selected a glass shop let me run them through our system
  • Windshields of Arizona is an affiliate shop and has agreed with our pricing in advance
  • Thank you for choosing Progressive and we appreciate your business
  • Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
  • Progressive representative now gives Windshields of Arizona a 6 digit referral to bill them with
  • Windshields of Arizona schedules your convenient appointment and gives you $50 CASH if you carry full glass coverage



Progressive Auto Insurance

Progressive Auto Insurance has won over much of its customer base with an unusual approach. The quirky and amusing TV commercials definitely get people’s attention. However, it is their treatment of competitor prices that really gain the interest and respect of the public.

Progressive’s Unique Approach

When you contact the competition about auto insurance, you will probably hear assurances that they have the best coverage for your money. When you call Progressive, though, they do not bother to assure you. They let you make the decision by providing you with the information.

When Progressive started using this tactic, many customers were shocked because Progressive does not hesitate to inform you that someone else offers certain policies for less money. After you describe the kind of insurance coverage that you want in detail, Progressive will provide you with a list of insurance companies and their rates for that level of coverage. They are not afraid to show that their coverage many not be the most cost-efficient policy on that list.

This is brilliant because Progressive uses the same information that they provide to customers in order to develop their own policies and keep up with the competition. Even if they lose a potential customer, they have learned about a weakness in their coverage and can adapt their rates in the future.

Shopping for Auto Insurance with Progressive

If you want to take advantage of the insurance information that Progressive provides, simply go to their website or call them on the phone. After giving details about the type of car that you have and the type of coverage that you want, you can have all the information that you need to make a good financial decision in minutes.

Progressive Auto is always the right first choice because they tell you honestly about every available rate. You don’t miss out on any opportunities when you choose Progressive.