Hartford Windshield Replacement Insurance Claims

Windshield of Arizona is a “Hartford Approved Glass Program Participant” so all work is guaranteed and backed by Hartford nationwide. In addition, Windshields of Arizona honors Hartford’s contract pricing so that there will never be any additional out-of-pocket costs to you.

$50 Fast Cash with any Zero Deductible HARTFORD Windshield Replacement Insurance Claims

No deductible Windsheid Repair Claim Information

  • Written Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

  • Fast & EASY Claim Processing

  • No Increase in Auto Insurance Premiums

Hartford now requires the policyholder to be on the line to file an auto glass or windshield replacement claim. Windshields of Arizona will conference you directly with The Hartford and will help you file this claim. The Hartford will need to ask a series of questions to process your claim. Once the claim is filed, The Hartford will be able to verify coverage and give Windshields of Arizona authorization to perform the work. Below is a list of the questions that will be asked by the The Hartford Claims Representative during the auto glass claim process. Typically, these conference calls can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

Here is the list of questions that Hartford will ask in order to process your auto glass or windshield replacement claim:

What is your name?
Do you have any damage besides glass?
What is a contact phone number with area code?
Are there any other numbers you want to add to that?
Is there a computer email address where we can send you a confirmation of this claim?
What is your Hartford policy number?
On what date did the damage occur? (You must provide a month, day, year to process claim. If you don’t know exactly, guestimate, just make sure you had coverage on that date)
What caused the damage? (Rock, golf ball, unknown, another vehicle, unknown, etc.)
What is the year, make and model of the vehicle? (Example: 2005 Ford Mustang)
What is your home or mailing address on the account? (This is to verify your identity)
Are you going to have the windshield repaired (link to windshield repair page) or replaced?
Hartford representative verifies coverage, confirms chosen repair shop, and gives the repair shop a 6-digit referral number to bill Hartford.
Is there anything else that I can help you with? Thank you for calling the Hartford Glass Program, we hope you have a great day

The Hartford representative disconnects the line and the Windshields of Arizona representative schedules your convenient appointment. Additionally, if you have full glass coverage and we are replacing your windshield we will bring you $50 Cash (at the time of service).

Hartford Auto Insurance

In most states, auto insurance is required. Fortunately, vehicle owners have a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing an auto insurer. The Hartford is a well-known insurance company that provides comprehensive auto coverage to its clients.

Many features of auto insurance with the Hartford are specially designed for their customer base. For example, this company offers RecoverCare benefits with insurance policies. If policy holders are injured in a car accident, the Hartford will pay for someone to assist him or her with cooking, cleaning and other activities of daily living.

The Hartford also offers a special no-drop promise to its clients, which succeeds in drawing the attention of many prospective customers. Once a person officially becomes a policy holder with the Hartford, he or she will never lose coverage as long as a few simple requirements are meant. This company does not cut coverage abruptly just because a client suddenly incurs costs.

Coverage with the Hartford

Outside of these special features, the Hartford offers the same range of coverage that other insurance companies offer. They meet the minimum regulations enforced by most states and exceed them in many important ways. Types of coverage include collision, comprehensive and property damage policies. Additionally, they have the important uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist policies that have become very popular.

Special policies that Hartford client scan include with their coverage include full glass coverage and a towing and labor policy. These are issues about which many otherwise well-insured clients sometimes forget until it is too late. The Hartford is there to remind you about these important issues.

For more information about Hartford auto insurance, review their website. This company provides an extensive look at all of their policies and features on their website and even allows the public to register online.