Farmers “Approved” Auto Glass Replacement Claims

FArmers windshield replacementF Windshields of Arizona is a  “Farmer’s Insurance Approved Glass Program Participant” so all work is guaranteed and backed by Farmer’s insurance nationwide. In addition, Windshields of Arizona honors Farmer’s contract pricing so that there will never be any additional out-of-pocket costs to you.

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Farmer’s insurance now requires the policyholder to be on the line to file an Arizona auto glass repair or windshield replacement claim. Windshields of Arizona will conference you directly with with the Farmer’s representative and will help you file this claim. Farmers will need to ask a series of questions to process your claim. Once the claim is filed, Farmers will be able to verify coverage and give Windshields of Arizona authorization to perform the work. Below is a list of the questions that will be asked by the Farmers Claims Representative during the auto glass claim process.

Here is a list of questions/statements that Farmers will ask to open an auto glass repair or windshield replacement insurance claim.

Hi, this is (rep name) and I will be helping you file your auto glass claim today.
How are you today?
This phone call is being recorded for quality purposes may I continue?
Are you filing a claim against your personal policy?
What is your first name? Last name?
Are you the insured or the policyholder?
Farmer’s Rep-I will be filing a claim against your auto policy today? Will that be okay?
What is your policy number?
Which state was your policy written?
On what date did the damage occur? (If are not certain pick a date (when you were covered) because they cannot pick the date for you)
What time of day did the auto glass damage happen?
What is your phone number? Alternate number?
What is the zip code on your policy?
What email address can we send your claim confirmation?
Was the damage limited to your windshield or were there other damages?
So that I can understand the size of the damage; can you tell me if you can cover the break with a dollar bill?
Did the damage happen in the state of Arizona?
Who was the responsible party? (Typically the answer is the rock from the road)
In regards to your vehicle; what is the year, make and model?
What is your address? (This is the address to confirm your identity and should be the address listed on your policy)
Farmers Representative-Reviews policy information and confirms coverage
I show that you will be using Windshields of Arizona to perform your work and they are a Farmer’s preferred vendor and will give you a written workmanship warranty and will stand behind your work for as long as you own your vehicle.
Farmers Rep-Verifies shop information and gives a referral# to Windshields of Arizona so that they can bill Farmers’ directly for the work
Do either of you have any further questions for me?
Thank you for calling Farmers and I hope you have a great day

Farmers Auto Insurance

Farmers auto insurance is one of the more visible brands in the United States. Advertised as a company that provides a higher level of insurance care, it stands with competitors like State Farm and Allstate in the top tier of insurance companies. Farmers insurance policies tend to be somewhat expensive, but do provide necessary coverage for customers.
Like many current auto insurance providers, Farmers does provide significant incentives to bundle its auto insurance with various other policies. The basic coverage, for example, is actually significantly cheaper when bundled with a homeowners’ policy. While this does little to enhance the level of actual auto coverage provided by the company, it does help to alleviate some of the costs.
Despite the industry’s reputation, the company does have great customer service. With local agents available in most major cities and suburbs, it is very easy to get in touch with an agent to discuss a policy. Likewise, filing a claim is fairly simple and the company sends out adjusters with great haste. The company’s representatives are friendly to work with, even if the coverage is not all that one might wish that it was.
Farmers Auto Insurance is a useful brand of auto insurance. Coverage is available at multiple levels, and even the basic level of coverage is fairly robust. Prices vary by state and driving record, and each driver will have a unique experience with the company.