Windshield Replacement Insurance FAQ’s

Car Insurance Policy (2)Do I need to contact my insurance company or agent first before contacting Windshields of Arizona? No. We can help you file your insurance claim, verify your insurance coverage, and schedule your free mobile appointment in just one call. Or, start your windshield replacement claim now!

What is a glass endorsement or glass waiver? By law ARS 20-264, Arizona is one of the few states that are mandated to an offer separate glass endorsement or glass waiver with any comprehensive insurance policy. Typically, a glass waiver or endorsement is offered at a low premium cost (regulated by the Arizona Department of Insurance) such as $5 to $15 extra a month. What this means is that you can have a comprehensive deductible of say $250 or $500 and have a glass endorsement with a deductible of $0. So, any glass replacement including windshields would cost you nothing. In addition, if you use Scottsdale Windshield Replacement we will pay you $50 dollars at the time of service. So really, having the added glass endorsement on your policy can pay for itself after just one windshield replacement with us.

What is windshield replacement no fault insurance coverage? Arizona law ARS 20-263, states that Arizona insurance companies cannot raise your rates for any claims that you did not cause or were not your fault which includes auto glass and windshield replacements.  Therefore, if your windshield got broken or your car vandalized and you were not at “fault” than your insurance company cannot raise your rates.

How do I know if I have comprehensive insurance coverage? Typically, individuals will carry comprehensive insurance coverage on their policy when their car is leased or they are still making payments to the bank for their automobile. Often individuals that own older cars and have already paid off their car loans will only carry liability insurance for a lower premium cost. Check your own auto insurance policy for more detailed coverage information.

I do not know whether I have a coverage or deductible; what then? That is not a problem. Just contact us, and we will aid you in reporting the claim and getting insurance coverage. You can always ask. If you end up having a deductible or you don’t have glass coverage on your policy, you will at least know. You can also check to see how much your insurance company charges for the glass endorsement each month for future reference. However, all calls are recorded therefore if you don’t have coverage and you want to add it for the future, you can’t just wait for it to take affect and have your windshield replaced for no charge. Your insurance company will make you pay for your current broken windshield and prove to them that you had it replaced then they will pay for any additional occurrences if you added the glass endorsement. Windshields of Arizona offers the best, free, no obligation, low-cost car windshield replacement prices in the industry.

What if I don’t have glass coverage and I have a broken windshield, can I just add it to my policy and wait a few months to have it replaced? Possibly but not ethical or legal.  Some insurance companies now require that you submit a picture of your windshield, come by one of their inspection offices, or they will send an inspector to your home or business before adding this additional coverage.

Do insurance companies cover the windshield chip repair costs? Most companies would rather waive the deductible and have the glass repaired rather than have it replaced since the cost is considerably less for a repair. Therefore, if you carry a comprehensive insurance policy regardless if you have a glass waiver or glass endorsement on your policy, most insurance companies will cover the full cost of the repair. So, if you have comprehensive coverage with a $500 deductible and your windshield is in repairable condition (up to 6 inches with insurance) than your insurance company will waive your deductible if the repair is successful. State Farm is the only insurance company (now) that requires you to have the glass waiver or endorsement on your policy for them to cover the cost of the windshield chip repair. Start your Windshield Repair Claim Now!

Will filing a auto windshield replacement claim affect my rates? No. Arizona state law ARS 20-263 states that a “no fault claim” for windshield replacement will not raise your rates. Therefore, your insurance company cannot raise your rates due to accidents caused by flying objects, vandalism, extreme temperatures, natural disasters, or kicked up rocks.

Is Windshields of Arizona approved by my insurance company? Yes. Windshields of Arizona is now a preferred member for many major insurance companies including; American Family, Geico, Farmers, USAA, Hartford, Allstate, AAA, Travelers, Encompass, Costco, American Express, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, Nationwide, AIG, Met-Life, Esurance, and many more. We are also a preferred member of Safelite Solutions and LYNX service who are third party administrators for many insurance companies.

What if I don’t know if I have a deductible or coverage? No problem. Give us a call and we will help you report the claim and obtain insurance coverage. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right? If you have a deductible or don’t have coverage, we can otherwise give you all your options and let you decide what is best for you. Get a car windshield replacement price now!

Is filing a windshield replacement insurance claim difficult? No. In most cases, it can be completed in less than fifteen minutes. Call our local shop direct or file your auto windshield replacement claim online and we will take care of the rest.

Do you offer any specials for insurance automobile windshield replacement claims? Yes. We offer a $50 Fast Cash with any car windshield insurance claim. If you have full glass coverage on your comprehensive policy (most AZ policyholders do) we will bring you $50 dollars CASH at the time of service. No waiting, you will get the cash as soon as the job is complete.

With your $50 Cash Back Program will you up-charge my insurance company? Absolutely not. We honor all insurance contract pricing therefore there will be no additional out-of-pocket costs for you or your insurance company.

I want original equipment manufactured OEM/Factory glass. Will my insurance company cover it? Maybe. Some insurance companies will only cover OEM glass for automobiles that are current minus one or two years. Meaning; if it is the year 2011 than they would cover years 2009 through 2011. Either way, Scottsdale Windshield Replacement will attempt to get it covered through your insurance company and give you all your options otherwise.

How do I know who manufactured my automobile windshield? According to FMVSS, all windshields that are manufactured and sold in the United States must contain the manufacturing plant details on the windshield including a Department of Transportation (DOT) code. Typically, this DOT code is called a windshield “bug” and is located on the bottom of all car windshields. You can get this DOT code from your car windshield and enter into the glassBYTES/AGRR database to find out who manufactured your particular windshield.

My insurance agent says I could use anybody as long as they are a member of LYNX Services or Safelite Solutions? Great. We are a member of both LYNX  Services and Safelite Solutions.

Can I choose any windshield replacement shop to install my glass? Yes. Per Arizona State Law ARS 20-469 you have the right to choose any windshield repair shop for the repair or loss relating to motor vehicle glass. In fact, if your agent or insurance company refers you to a glass shop of their choice they are obligated by this statue to also inform you that you may choose any windshield replacement repair business that you wish.

What if my insurance company or agent recommends their “preferred” auto  windshield replacement company? Just remember, by law, you have the right to choose your own windshield replacement repair shop. Furthermore, they may be “financially affiliated” with the preferred shop and receiving all the benefits (discounts, gift cards, lunches, kickbacks) rather than you. We are accepted by all insurance companies, honor all insurance pricing (no insurance up-charging), and offer a nationwide lifetime warranty. In fact, we charge the same as their “preferred” shop…….But; YOU get all the perks….You can’t lose!

Will checking on my deductible or inquiring about a automobile windshield replacement claim raise my rates? No. Asking your insurance provider about your policy coverage is not generally considered a claim. Furthermore, insurance companies are forbidden to raise your insurance rate for no fault windshield replacement claims.

What if I only have liability insurance coverage? Liability coverage only covers damage done to another automobile. Therefore, you will not have glass coverage on your policy. However, Windshields of Arizona has very competitive prices and accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash. Get a Windshield Replacement Quote Now!

Will my insurance company waive my deductible if I have my windshield repaired rather than replaced? Most likely. Many insurance companies will waive deductibles and pay 100% of the repair. This means that if you have a $50-$1000 comprehensive deductible and your windshield is repairable then your insurance provider will cover the entire cost of the repair. There is one exception, in that is with State Farm. State Farm will only cover repairs if you carry a glass endorsement on the policy.

What if I have a high deductible? If your deductible is $250 or more than it is likely that the car windshield replacement cost will be under that amount. Therefore, we would recommend that you pay out-of-pocket rather than going through your insurance. We accept all major credit cards, debits cards, and cash. Get a Free Car Windshield Replacement Price Now!

Did you know that per ARS 20-264 Arizona policyholder’s must be offered the option of full glass coverage without a deductible? This means that in Arizona you have the option to buy glass coverage with a zero deductible for a small premium. Typically, it is only an additional $5 to $15 per month and is well worth it. Arizona is one of just a few states that offer this coverage.

What glass does my insurance company cover under my comprehensive coverage? Most insurance companies will cover all glass including; windshields, door glasses, vent glasses, quarter glasses, back glasses and sometimes even mirrors under comprehensive coverage.

Can my insurance company force me to have my windshield repaired rather than replaced? No. Insurance companies would prefer to repair your windshield rather than replace because it saves money, time, and keeps the original factory seal intact. In fact, most insurance companies will recommend that you have your windshield repaired if it is less than the size of a paper dollar bill. See our Auto Glass Program page for more information on this subject.

What is windshield replacement no fault insurance coverage? Arizona is one of the few states that offer this kind of coverage. Arizona law ARS 20-264 states that insurance companies that write comprehensive coverage must offer policyholders windshield replacement and glass coverage with a $0 deductible. In other words, a separate glass endorsement, with low cost premium; typically about $5-$15 a month and controlled by the Arizona Department of Insurance. Arizona law ARS 20-263 , includes the “no fault” insurance claim part which means that insurance companies cannot raise your rates due to any comprehensive windshield claims that was not caused by you.

Will my insurance company want to inspect the damage prior to installation? Maybe. Some insurance companies have started requiring a random pre-inspection of windshields before authorization is given to the car windshield replacement shop. These insurance companies include; American Family, USAA, and Geico. If you are chosen for an inspection, your insurance company will send out an insurance adjuster/inspector to verify the size and location of the glass damage. Once verified, your insurance company will give us authorization to perform the work. Unfortunately, this can delay your glass replacement installation. See more information about this subject on our auto glass program page.

What will my insurance company ask when reporting a auto windshield replacement claim? They will verify your identity, collect claim information, and verify coverage, than give the glass shop of your choice authorization to perform the work. Visit our auto glass program page for a list of common questions that are asked by your insurance company representative when opening a windshield replacement insurance claim.

How long will the phone call take to report the car windshield claim? In most cases, the process takes less than fifteen minutes.

What if I have a deductible? First, be sure that you or your insurance company representative is not confusing your glass coverage with your comprehensive/collision coverage . On Arizona comprehensive insurance policies you can have have a $250 comprehensive/collision deductible with a $0 glass deductible endorsement. Often times, we see that insurance agents/representatives give wrong information about insurance coverage. Agents check the comprehensive coverage and see a deductible and tell the policyholder they have a deductible when they really do not. So, when inquiring about windshield coverage be sure to specify that they look any glass endorsement that you may  have on the policy Or, give Scottsdale Windshield Replacement a call and we will check your coverage for you.

If you have a high deductible such as $250 the cash cost of the glass may be lower. Therefore, you may want to get a free, instant, car windshield replacement price to compare. If the cost is lower than your deductible than it would be wise not to file a claim. This will help “save” a claim from being filed on your insurance policy.

If you have a deductible that is $50.00 dollars or less we will be happy to waive that for you. However, no other specials or promotions can be honored.

Additionally, many major insurance companies offer this coverage at a very affordable cost to you. Therefore, many Arizona policyholders carry this coverage without even knowing it.

I have aftermarket tint on my window will it be replaced? Yes. Insurance companies will pay to have the aftermarket tint reapplied to your glass and you are in luck because we do that too.