Free Windshield Chip Repairs

Windshield repair process by Phoenix arizona tech

Free Chip Repairs w/ all New Windshields


We Come to You


Your windshield is what separates you from all manner of debris and danger. It isn’t just there to keep your hair in place! During any given drive, that windshield is keeping dust, branches, stones and other trash from flying into your face.

Sometimes though, that windshield takes a hit a little too hard. Little stones can cause chips that – when taken care of early – aren’t that big of a deal. But if you leave them, they can form cracks, which weaken the integrity of your windshield and put you in danger.

As soon as that little chip appears, take it to Windshields of Arizona for windshield chip repair.

Have you already seen Windshields of Arizona for a full replacement due to accident or breakage? Fantastic! There is a lifetime free chip repair policy on every new windshield installed. So even if some nasty little stone gets you, you’re covered.

If you’re driving down the road, and get a chip, call them right away. Yes, you’re busy. But it doesn’t necessarily have to wait for the weekend or the next “convenient” time.  Even if you can’t get to the shop, they have free valley-wide mobile service throughout the Phoenix area. If that chip is smaller than a credit card (that’s pretty big, on a windshield!), they’ll take care of it for free.

That’s the kind of service we need in today’s busy society. Windshields of Arizona will come to you, and repair your chip – for FREE, if you’ve previously replaced your windshield with them. That’s excellent incentive to get in touch with them not just for windshield chip repair, but for full replacement when necessary. The policy covers both cash and insurance paid replacements.

Your windshield isn’t all protecting you from the dangers beyond it. Windshields of Arizona is there with you, too.