Windshield Warranty

auto glass warranty

Guaranteed Against:

Manufacturer Defects, Leakage, and Workmanship

Here at Windshields of Arizona, we are committed to providing all our customers with quality products and services. We are known throughout the industry for not only providing excellent auto glass replacement services, but for also finding innovative ways to reach out to our customers and offer them the best possible deals. It is for this reason we have specialty programs and offerings such as:

– $50.00 Cash TODAY (Through this program, customers can benefit from a US$50.00 cash back on any windshield auto glass replacement that is done using an insurance claim that has zero deductible. Click here to learn more.)
– Free chip repairs (In addition to customers being able to enjoy repairs to chipped windshields before they become more serious and form cracks, customers with new windshields installed at Windshields of Arizona benefits from a lifetime of free chip repairs. Click here to learn more).
– 10% rewards (This is a rewards program that allows customers to earn a 10% credit on all invoices that can be used on future purchases. Read more about it here.)

Each program is unique and finds an interesting way to give our client the biggest bang for their buck without shirking our high standard of service.

Quality Assurance and Windshield Warranty

In addition to all the above specialty and innovative reward programs, customers of Windshields of Arizona can benefit from a Windshield Warranty that guards them against manufacturer defects, covers leakage and workmanship. Through this Windshield Warranty, customers are able to save a lot of money that they would have otherwise have to spend perhaps out of pocket on windshield replacement.

A windshield takes a time and money to be repaired, replaced and installed. As such, you do not want to find yourself in a situation where not too long after getting a new windshield you are faced with problems on account of defects or poor workmanship. Here is how it works:

– At Windshields of Arizona, there is a nationwide lifetime warranty on all the services and products we offer customers.
– There are no hidden fees or costs to catch the customer unawares.
– The nationwide lifetime warranty comes into effect immediately after a windshield or auto glass installation is done. There is therefore no need for the customer to be concerned with future expenses
– Finally, all work done on windshields at Windshields of Arizona, all come with some sort of guarantee